Saturday, June 02, 2007

Counter Strike in Nahr Al Bared

Smoke rises from the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon June 2, 2007. Lebanese troops pounded suspected positions of al Qaeda-inspired militants at a Palestinian refugee camp on Saturday, a day after seizing key points on its edges. REUTERS/Jerry Lampen (LEBANON) The North Lebanon battles in the Nahr Al Bared surroundings between our army and the Islamic Militant of Fatah Al Islam continue. It is really shocking and breath-taking, at least for me, to see our Lebanese army fighting. This is not a sight we are accustomed to. The Lebanese army has been on hold since decades, due to occupations, belief that they are still not strong enough to defend the country, division... When we say the Lebanese army we mean by it Lebanon's army, not political, not biased and not sided to anyone but all Lebanon.
The Lebanese army today are a source of pride and strength for many Lebanese of whom the majority are showing support by several means, on msn, facebook, display pictures, stickers on cars and more.

The Lebanese army have received reinforcements from the US a week ago, and the battles are getting more and more severe. The Islamic militants are not willing to surrender (yet).

What was more weird, is the live coverage of these battles and the description of them. When I am listening on the radio and hearing the reporter describe how the army took over a building and responded with gun-fire to locations from which militants have been shooting, blocking roads and entrances, taking over the train rail, etc... I couldn't help but think it was a game, like Counter Strike if you are familiar with it. Counter strike is a game to be played on the pc, it has two teams, the terrorists and the counter terrorists, and has maps of an italian neighborhood, in a plane, near a deserted research lab, even a map of Beirut. In this game, the terrorists are actually holding hostages, for the counter terrorists to win, they have to either rescue the hostages or kill the terrorists. Sounds too familiar in Nahr Al Bared's situation doesn't it? All of this seems so unreal.

I might sound crazy and too optimistic, however, I need to get this off my chest, I have a good feeling about the situation. Let us wait and see.

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