Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lebanon vs Fatah Al Islam

Is it frustration? Is it oppression? Is it simply giving up that made all those Lebanese people stop moping around and start making jokes about the situation? This behavior is no stranger among the people in Lebanon, making fun of the situation is a must, tragic may be or fun.

During the civil war back in the eighties, thousands of sectarian jokes erupted about Tony and Mohammed, about checkpoints, soldiers and passers by, even for the most recent war that was between Hezbollah and Israel during last summer, many jokes resulted about Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Israelis, the large number of fleeing Shiite from the South and much more. Since last war resulted in so much destruction, one joke said that Lebanese mature female generation were so happy from Nasrallah's deed, because he made them feel 20 years younger (due to so much destruction in July 2006's war, it made Lebanon look the same as when it was during the civil war 1975 - 1990).

The Lebanese cope with the situation with mockery. By trying to make it look ridiculous, the next Lebanese average person who faces daily fear of a new war, of horrible economy, of daily threat of death by a bomb, of the possibility of a job loss, of frustration to get a work visa for abroad, this person survives the day.

Most recently, and due to the fact that Fatah Al Islam who went into clashes with the Lebanese troop on Sunday 20 of May at 2 am in the morning, which lasted for 3 days, and according to the local media has returned to shootigns tonight , this "terrorist" group has threatened over and over again that they will expand their terrorism to outside Tripoli's Nahr Al Bared camp and reach Beirut. Rumors erupted that bombs were planted everywhere waiting to explode.

A group on facebook started a long line of Fatah Al Islam jokes which are based on the fact that Fatah Al Islam keeps declaring statements, threats and responsibilities. Here are a few selection of these jokes:

"Statement from Fatah Al Islam: A tank with a license plate #32453 is blocking a Honda Civic in the parking, if the owner can please come and remove it. Thank you"

"Fatah Al Islam takes responsibility of stealing Jhonnie Walker from the Whiskey Bottle"

"Fatah Al Islam declared alliance and support to the Lebanese Army in their war on terror against Fatah Al Islam"

"Statement from Fatah Al Islam: We were only joking, gosh the Lebanese Army can't take a joke"

"The terrorist group Fatah Al Islam will be featured in the next Southpark episode titled: OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED SHAKER"

To understand the jokes well, the reader needs to be following up closely with this situation.

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