Thursday, May 31, 2007

Draft Resolution 1757 adopted

Security Council has adopted the draft resolution 1757 which declares the decision in forming an international tribunal under the 7th chapter to investigate in late prime minister Rafic Hariri's assassination, to bring justice to Lebanon and punishment to the criminals. 10 countries in the council voted for the resolution, none voted against and 5 abstentiated and none voted against. Among those who abstentiated were South Africa, Russia and Indonesia, who claimed that the council should try and fix the solution instead of imposing an international tribunal on a country that is divided in 2 sections, those who are for and those who are against. They said this could create more problems and that it is an internal affair, which Lebanon should deal with on its own.

A statement for Saad Hariri, a member of the parliament, and the son of Rafic Hariri, was immediately broadcasted after the adoption of the resolution, saying that this is not for revenge but only for accounting the responsibles and criminals, and to bring justice and peace to Lebanon.

Despite what everyone outside Lebanon might think, celebrations were not held when the Security Council adopted the draft resolution 1757, as the government had already set a curfew for small vehicles and motorcycles from 8pm to 5am of the next day, as well as forbidding people to set fireworks or gun-fires tonight, as they will be held accountable for breaking this rule. While I am sure that deep inside, many people are celebrating.

A new chapter is going to be written and its first words started tonight. Will more explosions, assassinations and perhaps a civil erupt in those up-coming weeks? Or will the Lebanese finally agree.

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