Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Breaking news: Explosion in Alay

9:14 - Explosion in a commercial Area in Alay - Mount Lebanon. (Source: LBCI)
9:56 - Update, 5 wounded so far. No information on the bomb's size, however they said it was planted beneath a building's stairs.

Alay's explosion came after 3 days of the first explosion this week in Ashrafieh (Beirut), on Sunday night, and 2 days after the second explosion in Verdun also in Beirut on Monday night. Alay is situated in Mount Lebanon, and the majority of its habitants are druze, most of them supporters of Walid Jumblat. Alay in summer gets very busy where it receives a lot of Arab tourists.

Explosions in Ashrafieh and Verdun also happened near commercial areas that attract a lot of Lebanese people and tourists.

Stay tuned.

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