Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Powers consider Iran nuclear proposal

By GEORGE JAHN, Associated Press Writer

ANKARA, Turkey - The United States and other world powers are willing to consider an Iranian proposal that would allow the country to keep some of its uranium enrichment program intact instead of dismantling it completely, foreign government officials said Tuesday.
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Good news, but awaited one, as when the whole british sailors thing happened, it put Iran in a strong point, the fact that they weren't willing to release them but then suddenly they did, negotionations most probably happened.


  1. bonjour,
    helas cette info a deja ete dementie par les US ..........

  2. ah bon.ouf!!?????
    ca serait quand meme mieux qu ils negocient au lieu de faire la guerre, non?......mais bon chacun son opinion!!!!!

  3. One second, by me saying Ouf Vraiment, you concluded that I prefer war over negotiations? :P Coz, if this is what you meant, then you seriously need to take a better look at my blog :)

    And to be precise, which info did you mean US has denied? because as far as I am reading on the news, no denying happened so far, except more negotiations are occuring, and now in Turkey as well trying to find a middle ground.

  4. je reposte parce que mon comment n est pas apparu!!!

    desole j ai mal compris le ouf!!! pardon!!!
    je ne retrouve pas l article qui denonce un changement de position de la part des us!c etait un discours du porte parole departement d etat us.mais j ai trouve ca ou il est site!