Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beirut still lives

While political clashes are flying backwards and forwards in the air and on TV between government members, political party leaders and opposition leaders, Beirut is living!

Lebanese people are devastatingly annoyed and bothered by those destructive discussions that never lead or improve the situation but rather ruin it. Therefore instead of waiting and hoping for life to get better in Lebanon, Lebanese people themselves have taken charge and are making Beirut life better.

Cloud 9 - Painting for Sally K - www.sallykpaintings.comThere are several ways to start, spend and end your evening in Lebanon which depends on the group of people and their preferences. If you are into the traditional Lebanese dinner than you will need to go to a typical Lebanese restaurant or cafĂ©, the dinner usually begins with a Mezza – a word that originates form a Lebanese slang verb which means enjoy – rich with its famous Tabbouli, Hommos, Baba Gannouj and many other appetizers, then followed by grilled chicken, meat and Shish-Kabab, certainly accompanied by a drink wash them all down, the traditional Lebanese Arak.

Inside a pub called SpoonFor others, having a drink with buddies and listening to fine music, is a thrill. As a matter of fact it is my kind of thing, going to a pub seems the logical thing to do after a hard working week, this way we get to talk and are capable of hear each other and catching up on what’s what.

However, there are some crazy dance lovers out there who prefer clubbing and dancing till dawn.

Not to forget Karaoke nights, the best nights ever, especially if you choose a song which you don’t know very well and forget its tune, happened to me last Thursday, but never to worry, no one judges you, after all it’s Karaoke and not American Idol with Simon Cowell sitting there!

You can do all that in only but definitely not limited to two locations that are only far of each other by a walking distance, the first is an old inhabited street known as Gemayze, and the second is a district called Monot full of a variety of night-clubs.

From Monday to Sunday, you can barely find a place to park, filled with fancy cars, well dressed women and man and a heart longing for a warm drink and a mood swing, or swinging a mood! This is Lebanon at night, much different than Lebanon in the news.

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