Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April 6? People going mad?

Well, a rule of thumb, if you want to think Lebanon is fine and things are great, just stop watching the news. Other than that, you will know they're as mad as always and even madder.

British sailors were caught last week in Iranian waters according to Iran, yet UK says it was in Iraq, accusing Iran in taking the sailors hostages, while Iran said that the two sailors confessed that they were in Iranian waters.

Word on the street is that April 6 is the starting date for a World War III, how exciting and ravishing, the analysis is exquisite and fascinating, even genious. USA to bomb all nuclear facilities in Iran, they said. Question: Could the whole british sailors be linked to this issue in any way?
Another question: Would USA go into a new war, while it is still haven't finished with Iraq? Or is it a one day thing, leave Iraq, go into Iran.
A third question: For the US to do the above, it will need Blair's support. Surprised? The hostages are british!

Recently a summit has been held, the Arab summit, of course the unity among the Lebanese got translated in two presidents, lucky us. And of course, when was an Arab summit ever useful, no offense, I wish it was, but it never is.

Israel suggested for a summit between the moderate Arab countries and Israel to occur in order to discuss a possible peace. Amro Moussa automatically dismissed it.

And of course, our Lebanon, the precious Lebanon and its precious leaders, we have this saying in lebanese that goes like "Kil wa7ad 3am bi ghanni 3ala mouwelo", by rough translation, it means that each is speaking a different language, singing a different song. News it we are no longer relying on Saudi's interference, nevertheless this time Berri and Hariri will talk and find a solution themselves... YEAH RIGHT!

The difference between the politics football and the real football, is that in politics, each has his own ball. There is the Iranian ball and the American ball, however the others don't really have ... ones.


  1. ouf! pas de bombardements!

  2. c est pour plus tard.......
    c est aussi un journal du kowait qui avait anonce il y a plus de deux mois des bombardement us sur l iran pour le debut avril. info ou intox?

  3. Yeah I checked the article out. Its possible I guess, after all Bush is still the president!!! But its getting much attention, I would think preparing for a war is usually discrete! especially the date...