Friday, April 13, 2007

13 April 1975 Lebanon`s Civil War

As they say in arabic "Tenzakar w ma ten3ed", in english, not to forget but not to repeat.

Cartoon courtesy of Al Balad Newspaper, 13 April 2007


  1. Lah, bi sharafkoun ma yenzalo. Bass iza shi y2esho wledoun la 3endoun ta nerte7 w se3eta btenzakar w 3an jadd ma bten3ed :)

  2. well in lebanon the tendency is to forget due to our dear law of amnesia sorry amnesty.

    We should maybe abrogate these laws and work on a new concept:

    To forgive but not to forget

  3. I totally agree frencheagle! To forgive but not to forget, we need to learn from the past, but not repeat its mistakes... baddoun shi light year ba3ed la yefhamouwa awelkoun?