Friday, March 09, 2007

Sunday 11 March in Nejmeh Square Downtown Beirut

For more info you can call 961 1 969999 or visit

It seems like an interesting event, I don't know what exactly will happen, but I am definitely curious. The middle ground between March 8 and 14, but on the ground, a lot of March 8th and March 14th are having enough, and just want to get on with life.


  1. the chance of that movement is to have a mediatic umbrella

    however we have how this mediatic umbrella will turn.

    after the 11 of march, it might just lead to nowhere

  2. True, apparently no media but TL covered this event, and I was really disapointed by LBC especially, didn't expect much from the others. Maybe they did show a reportage about them later on, but I didn't see it.

    I can imagine, mayve after today, the only change will be people going to downtown like they used to before, and I think that should be enough.

  3. lebanese medias are biast from all the parts anyway

    al manar shows are propaganda but on the other side, including an nahar they are not better with subliminal messages anyway.

    I dont trust anymore the lebanese medias my dear, and theses medias are mainly in my opinion responsible of the extremisation of the society through secterians and communitaristics visions anyway

  4. You're right, they're the ones who are provoking the audience! We really need a good government to govern, it's neither the current one, nor the one sitting in downtown... We need educated people who have never done politics before... however wouldn't they still get sucked in the politics machine? making good go bad?

  5. i dont think we need people that didnt not done politic but we need people and especially electors that are not blindy following leaders as they have a political vision based on a biast vision spread by the medias.
    before needing a governement etc... we need the media to educate our population and get it ready for democracy.
    The lebanese media have huge and tremendious responsibility and they are failing to do so.

    If we are spreading the biast medias opinion and by ourselves not able to critizise we wont reach democracy.

    For ex libnanews project and success is based on the exposition of apolitical vision of the news. We are letting our readers to make their own judgement by the presentation of a neutral style, we are removing the propaganda or subliminal umbrellas that are covering the informations in the other medias and we are letting our readers to express and moreover to dialogue.
    To dialogue, we can insult ideas but we cannot insult the person. Insulting the person makes the dialogue impossible.

    We need medias for democratic educational purpose even before changing our political class as this medias would bring to the political theater new blood.

    It needs time however

  6. Definitely we need people not to be "sheep" and follow blindly, it's not wrong to agree with a leader and support him in order for him to arrive and demand the demands which he promised his people, however, they should also be able to tell when he's not being logical or he's messing up somewhere.