Monday, March 12, 2007

A solution in the horizon

If you ask any Lebanese person (who follows local news), they will tell you that things have been calm lately because, they continue, it's either this or a war. Now that Iran and Saudi have interfered in finding a solution to Lebanon which haven't been declared officially yet, means two things:

1- We still get our orders from outside (surprised?)
2- While some of the March 14 really believed that "they" can control Lebanon and hopefully move it from its follower state to its country state, it turned out, that when they will be pressured to succumb to foreigners once again.

Concerning the second point, I will just like to send a message to all those who were in the opposition, despite how some of the current government politicians have gone wrong, etc... there is one fact and that is that some really wanted the betterment of this country (some got assassinated) and these people did not get anywhere because there was no union. Of course, we can't sum up the whole reasons and consequence in one paragraph, but point noted.


  1. The solution I heard today in LAU that all of them are going to Saudi Arabia. All camps, so I guess we are sniffing a new Taef