Monday, March 26, 2007

Peretz to U.N. Chief: Lebanon Ceasefire is in Jeopardy

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz has told U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon that Security Council Resolution 1701 is endangered by Hizbullah fighters, who continue to hold two captured Israeli soldiers and receive arms shipments from Syria.


The resolution authorized deployment of a U.N. peacekeeping force of up to 15,000 troops to help Lebanese troops police the southern border with Israel. It also calls for a halt in arms shipments to Hizbullah, and demands the "unconditional release" of the two Israeli soldiers.

"This is an unequivocal demand by the state of Israel," Peretz said Saturday. "We see it as the key to continuing the precise implementation of resolution 1701."

Source: AP
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  1. Dunno if u remember
    but ...

    according to some sources during and after july 2006, the elimination of Hezbollah was a necessity before attacking Iran ... in april 2007

    dunno now if it ll be the case or not ...h

  2. Of course I remember, but I thought either Israel now know what they're up to and are preparing better, or if they will do what they did last summer, the same outcome will occur and no body wants to do the same mistake twice.
    As for Hezbollah... well let's not go there.

    It's a scary thought.