Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Part I - Art of Speech: Nasrallah

In general, when I think "Art of Speech", I directly think of Imam Ali. It was in an Arabic literature course that we studied about several poets and writers, and among them was the leader and speaker Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib.

Today I will speak about the Arabic speech giving in particular, and I believe it is a very rich language as Arabic has what is called "Al Balagha", a form of delegating the Arabic speaking and writing into a higher and superior level which few master.

The Arabic Art of Speech is practiced by few leaders nowadays, that can barely be counted on one hand. Even though I do not agree with what they say, this doesn't mean I cannot acknowledge how articulate and convincing some leaders can be.

The first "Khatib" which stands for "Speaker" in Arabic, is Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. I think he is the best one yet in our generation today. Sheik Hassan Nasrallah in particular has overcome several obstacles in giving a speech which is speaking with a lisp. Nevertheless it is said that many great speech givers spoke with a lisp but still gave powerful speeches.

Traits which Nasralla possesses are:
+ Self Control (unlike Michel Aoun, which I will prepare a specific post evaluating his speech qualities and flaws).
+ Following specific keypoints and not reading from a paper, thus not losing his trail of thoughts
+ Voice & tone, knows when he lowers is, knows when he highers it. Also depending on what he is saying he uses the appropriate tone
+ Knows his audience, for example during the July war last summer, his audience were the whole world, but the most important ones were Israel and the Lebanese people, so he knew how to encourage the Lebanese, and discourage the Israelis at the same time.
+ Looks Trustworthy and confident
+ Prepares answers to all possible questions (in case of a press conference)
+ Word playing. It is a very strong quality to be able to take someone else words against him then use them in a way that will support him
+ Reaches out to the audience's self-esteem and pride
+ And Humor where appropriate, and which he knows the audience he is trying to please will appreciate

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