Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ou3a, 3 March at 3 pm

Other movements against the political bi-polarism in Lebanon. Notice the pattern? All focusing on black and white (and grey).

On Saturday March 3rd, at 3pm near Riad El Solh square, Lebanese citizens gathered to mark their hand print on a black wall, in order to stand against the actions that the politicians are taking (or not taking) nowadays.
For once, there were no sign of political symbols and propaganda posters that dominate Beirut’s streets. Instead of the fractionalising yellow, green, the colours of the day were black and white. Not even a Lebanese flag to be seen.

The slogan for the event held at Bechara El Khoury square was ‘Watch Out Politicians! Wake up Citizens!’ It was organised by 12 non-partisan civil organisations acting under the newly formed banner ‘OU3A’
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  1. Nshalla ya Rabb hal mouvements yjibo natijeh abel ma tejeh ekhrit hal balad.