Sunday, March 11, 2007

News about Sunday March 11

A lot of people showed up, no we're not talking millions or hundreds of thousands, but a really decent number. TL covered this event (a normal-like-it-should-be day in Downtown) most of the time interviewing people and also the president of the 11 March organization Merhi Abou Merhi a business man who said that he just wants March 8 and March 14 to find a middleground for the better of the Lebanese people.

Consequently, what was disappointing is that no other media than TL bothered to cover this event, even LBCI who is supposedly unbiased. Maybe they considered it a normal "day", but seriously, we all know that unpolitical stuff get a 10 seconds broadcast in the news (if we're lucky). TL did a good job, I think I probably watched TL for the first time in years. Moreover, the picture that we see on TV was a beautiful one, it was like the heart of downtown Beirut was alive again, people were walking, eating...

I only hope that more days like today come, in order to have our normal life back. I salute the people who went there, and I hope we'll follow their example.


  1. Lilo, LBC mesh teb3a lal ouwwet? I wonder if we have any unbiased, really unbiased media in Lebanon.

  2. Mbala coco it is, but the thing is, inno it is the least biased, until 11 March I found it a bit weird that they didn't cover it!