Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Love Mom

The latest addition to the "I Love ..." collection that started with "I Love Life" sponsored by March 14, continued by the opposition, used by several companies with adjusted sentences to suit their product, such as "I Love Life in Diamonds", "I Love Carpets" and "I Love Samak" (Samak is Fish in Arabic), with finally a new player joining the team, "I Love Mom". (In Lebanon, Mother's day is celebrated on March 21st).

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  1. actually, even I love Sex became tagged for 14th of March... stupid lebanese politics

  2. Yeah I saw all those sentences, pretty funny.

  3. Ya reyt 3an jadd they love all these things w khssousseh Lebnen.. enno masalan ya3ne.

    Aslan btelba2loun la kelloun sawa el "I love sex" add ma 3am bi .... ekht el 3alam wel balad (did I say that outloud?) :)

  4. kinda, that's why we report them on blogs ;)