Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Parliament out of reach, please try again later

The parliament has been "out of service" for more than 2 months now, no session has been held. And this is the decision of Nabih Berri, the head of parliament. Irregardless of his reasons and his goals, if he is suceeding or not, if it is right for the head of cabinet to belong to a side or not, Nabih Berri got away with it. He got away with being criticized of paralyzing the country.

The country needs parliamentary sessions, why? Because we want our official representatives in the parliament to speak. They have been elected by the people. If they don't have the opportunity to transmit the needs and demands of the people, then at this point, it has become dictatorship and not democracy.

Nevertheless, the government is to be blamed for not doing anything about it. But the biggest blame is to be directed towards Berri too. He is the least criticized politicians in Lebanon, and the least liked...


  1. The question is not if it is out of service or not.

    The question is about the calendars of normal sessions. We have 2 normal sessions in october and november and in march and april as far i remember and extraordinary sessions .

    The question and the game is that if the chamber is not gathering for one usual session, the president of the republic might have the right to disolve it.

    On a personal point of view, i would say that anyway all our institutions are unconstitutional as long as according to the lebanese constitution first article all citizen should be egal in term of right and duties.
    The electoral law did not allow that.
    We had a differential treatment if we are a citizen from north, south or moutn lebanon, which affected the parlement etc...
    so anwyay since 2005 i m saying we should go back to new elections.ht

  2. Last session was held in November right? And since the opposition started the sit-in on December 1, there hasn't been a session since.