Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nasrallah`s speech for Ashoura in February 2006

I received the below sound clip by email, it is an extract of Skheik Nasrallah's speehc for Achoura in 23 February 2006. In this speech he specifies that dealing with problems is not done by "going to the streets" but by discussion and conversation.


  1. Tayib ok, 3azim. Weyn el 7iwar? W leych sar elli sar bi 23 January? Walla kell shaher bi ra2i w heyk badna ndall wa7ad bi shedd w wa7ad biyerkheh la yjibo ekhretna 3an sa77?

  2. Inte eltiya, the thing is the orders are from outside, it is never about principles and beliefs, it is always about "masali7", and I guess lately, it is not a shame to change opinion according to what's best for the political party anymore. It's a new trend.