Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hezbollah weapons did not go in vain

AFP/File Photo: Lebanese soldiers deploy near the border town of Marjayoun in August 2006. Lebanon's Defence Minister... A couple of days ago and after the truck that has entered from Syria through the borders into Lebanon, which was not searched obviously, full of weapons, which Hezbollah later on claimed that it belonged to them, the army confiscated those weapons and did not accept to deliver them to the resistence. The point is not this, however it is the fact that the Lebanese army is quite a maximizer, and will not let go of these weapons or just keep them confiscated, but will actually use them themselves in case of any offense with Israel.

"The truck and its content are now with the Lebanese army in southern Lebanon," Murr said in reference to a truck carrying Hezbollah arms -- including Grad rockets -- seized east of Beirut on Thursday.

"If Israel carries out another violation, we will use these weapons to confront it," he told reporters on Friday after a meeting with the commander of the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, Major General Claudio Graziano.
Moreover, the role of the Lebanese Army which is deployed in the south, is starting to become inclusive of more responsibilities and expanding.

Murr said he told Graziano that "the Lebanese army deployed in southern Lebanon has orders to confront Israeli forces in case of any new violation" of Lebanese sovereignty.
This is definitely the first time in decades which the Lebanese Army is actually useful and functional as an army and not just security forces.
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