Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Gun sales triple, Economy boosted

According to Guardian Limited, gun sales have tripled since the opposition's protest & Thursday's 25 January riots.

Gun sales in Lebanon have tripled since the current standoff between the government and the Hizbullah-led opposition began, prompting concern that political factions are rearming.

Why? Well, it was always unfair that only one political party was armed, the solution back then was to disarm them, and as this didn't work and as things got complicated, trust majoraly decreased among most Lebanese and the political parties they support, now more political parties are "forming" armed militias.

"There is a reappearance of arms in the hands of almost every political group; we are sitting on a powder keg, tension is increasing every day," said a prominent security analyst. "They don't know what they are doing, they are going to destroy this country."

The increased presence of gunmen on the streets of Beirut has heightened fears of a return to civil war. Photograph: Haitham Mussawi/AFP/Getty Images

So yes, economy boosted as Gun sales triple, but unfortunately, not our economy. The only thing that is getting boosted in Lebanon, is tension and a potential civil war, because no one learned their lesson apparently, and they still fall prey for the "warlords", the so called political leaders.

Last night, I saw on the breaking news marquee of LBC, a quote from Aoun specifing that things should be peaceful and not to fall for the possibility of creating more riots, a war. (Roughly speaking, I do not remember his exact words). My reaction was of course, the surprise, as I recall Aoun had a lot of different things in mind in an interview on Al-Manar on Friday 26 January. I don't mean that Aoun changes his mind so much, this is not the point, as long as he comes around, past doesn't matter, what matters is how emotional and spontaneous he gets (not a compliment), which is not a trait of a leader.

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