Friday, February 23, 2007

Egyptian blogger sentenced to jail. Seriously?

What is this, 1920? I had already posted once about Kareem Amer asking more people to sign the petition to protect freedom of speech in Egypt on November 15. Apparently it didn't really work out for the best.

As I understood, Abdel Kareem Suleiman has been sentenced to four years in prison. He's only 22, a law student, he used his blog to write his thoughts and opinions and say the "unsayable" apparently in Egypt.

Calling his president a dictator led him to being jailed, I can only assume that he was not so wrong. We don't have to fully agree with Kareem Amer, but expressing his opinions on a blog is not really misleading information and disruptive one, he's not obliging anyone to read him, and people have the sanity and maturity to decide whether to believe him or not.

Describing his distaste for his Al Azhar University experience he wrote last October about the religiously-run instution?s "infiltration of public life and its control of people's behavior and its dictation of how to lead their everyday life..."
I wish there will be another court and he will be freed soon.

In November Kareem was detained, interrogated and held in an Alexandria jail without trial for two months before he was charged with spreading information disruptive of public order, incitement to hate Islam and defaming the president of the republic. The arrest had inspired rallies in support of Kareem around in Washington, Rome, Paris, London and Stockholm.
Read more about what happened with Kareem Amer here.

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  1. check out the shia death squads