Thursday, February 15, 2007

Despite it all, Valentine has its role

Okay I was just trying to rhyme in the title, not successful I know, not very good at poems, never understood them or liked them.

Anyway, while cruising around in certain commercial residences like Dekwaneh, Sin El Fil and Ashrafieh, many of the clothing shops were open, but definitely all Gadgets and Flower shops were open. After all, Valentine is known to be a commercial holiday, just to sell flowers, candy, hearts, pantoufles, and cute little red gadgets. People's gotta eat!


  1. You got it right here! People gotta eat... and people gotta love!!

  2. No food, people die
    No love, souls die

    Oh am i being poetic today or what?

  3. Poetic w noss sett Liliane :)

    We had a snow storm here on Valentine's Day and the florists were pissed. Their biggest sales day was joepardized and their delivery service was halted; some cancelled all deliveries that day. Catastrophe caused by Mother Nature.. Kell balad mseebto 3a addo :) W ya ma7la heyk mseebeh eddem balad ma2ssoum abel ma ykoun balad!!

  4. Some universities decided as well to work that day

    their administration was stating the following point:
    "We didnt participate to the general strike of the 23 of decembre, we wont be participating the hariri's commemoration"

    thx by the way for visiting my blog :)

  5. Lah ya coco, inte el poet honeh!

    Frencheagle, like wise. Well, I personally did not think that such a day deserves to be an official day off. Having said that, the argument of those universities administration is false as eventually 23 Jan was closed by political parties, 14 feb was closed by the government!

  6. I seriously wish valentines day was holiday..