Monday, February 19, 2007

Can politicians fast?

With this season of fasting, in Lebanon (I think abroad it is exercised differently), people fast not just 12 hours per day by not eating, or from dairy products and meat, moreover they actually choose something they really love (i.e. Chocolate, Smoking, Pepsi...) and they refrain from eating/drinking/smoking it for the whole 50 days.

Now I was wondering, as our politicians love being unprofessional, unforgiving, full of hatred, arguing with no basis for anything useful, ruining the country, etc... So you get the idea! Can't they fast and stop doing what they love for 50 days? Please! Pretty Please!


  1. Hi Liliane, I hope this note finds you happy and healthy. I continue to love what you do with your blog and I hope you continue the great work.

    We Catholics also fast the same way by giving up something we really love until the day of Easter. A Sacrifice if you will. We are also not supposed to eat any meat each Friday for this same period.

    I also wanted to share this song with everyone. I think you will like it. I love it and love the words.

    Sending many smiles from Canada.


  2. Ooops, I just realized that I forgot to leave the link for the song I mentioned on my earlier comment. Sorry. Here it is:

    Hope it works.

  3. I really think it would be a lot to ask them to stop lying until Easter!!

  4. "Yaaaa Raaaabbou 'Stajeb
    Ejtajeb Lanaaaaaaaaaaaa"

    And on the 50th day, they be crucified to the left and right of... Lebanon...
    Balkeh se3eta bi toubo 3an jadd w mnekhlass men hal "love" taba3oun for ever :)

  5. A better link to the song that Marianna told us about:

    I love this song ya Marianna, it definitely touches a nerve... :/
    And same here, many persons fast from any product that comes from animals, like even mayonnaise, biscuits, and of course meat. Also, thank you for your encouraging words :)

    SillyBahrainiGirl, hehe I wouldn't bet on them even if they said they would do it for one day!

    Coco, lol, heheh ya rabb estajib, estajib lanaaa \/