Wednesday, February 21, 2007

British troops to withdraw from Iraq

While Blair is going to announce today a plan for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq, Bush is making a plan to increase the number of US soldiers in Iraq by thousands. Until now other coalition partners have either pulled out or are going to, such as the Italians, the Danes and the South Korean respectively.

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  1. First it shows that the shia in iraq won.

    The region where the british are withdrawing from is mainly shia and they are giving power back to a shia force.

    However this is a bad news for lebanon as it increases the threat of a saudi intervention against the shia through the sunnits in iraq. Remember that the oil fields in east saudi arabia are mainly habited by shia.
    As the US already lost in saudia

    This succession of events will of course impact lebanon in case of a saudi intervention in an official or unofficial way.

    We have to wait and see, but i m not really optimistic as confessionalism is getting exacerbed

  2. Yeah but didnt the Saudi "talk" with Iran, meaning the Saudi intervention already start?