Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bi-polarism opposed with new movements, the third party

Until now, two movements have reacted to the recent events that occured during late December 2006 - opposition's camp out in Beirut downtown in order to topple the Siniora government - and the black days of January 2007 (Tuesday 23 and Thursday 25), when riots and turmoil erupted to almost cause a war, between Sunnis and shiites, christians against christians, stone throwing, tires burning, cars burning, gun-fire and fist-fights.

The first group basically got sick of March 14 and March 8, so they created something in the middle, March 11, they don't want to be neither, they say they are the Lebanese people, who want no color, no slogan, no political side, they just want a better Lebanon for all. For more info, you can visit their website here.

The second group, have decided to act. At first their goals are almost the same as the above group, they're slogan is "Solve it, resolve it", because "Our Parents couldn’t stop it in 1975, are we going to relive it in 2007?". A very catchy and smart sentence, which I loved is: "There are ALWAYS alternative and peaceful channels to turn to." They ask the Lebanese to join them to create a human chain, hand in hand, in Beirut on Saturday, February 10th at 2 pm to take a stand and publicly demand a dialogue to end the political deadlock immediately. For more info, check their webpage.

One more point in common, is the color black, while March 11 completed it with gray, 7ellouha contrasted it with white.

Good Luck for both, although I have to say, this is enough, we don't need more movements, they all have the same goals, so better to unite on this matter.

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