Saturday, February 24, 2007

Aoun vs Geagea. Who`s going back where?

X is returning (in arabic X raje3) has originally started being written on walls after Aoun left Lebanon in 1990 and lived in exile in france for over a decade. His supporters wrote this graffity on walls saying that Aoun is returning (to Lebanon from France).

A joke spread among the Lebanese after Aoun returned in 2005, saying that in France people started writing the same graffiti "Aoun is returning" (to france). If you're Lebanese, you will probably won't find it funny.

Anyway lately, the below photo (photoshopped of course) was shared and forwaded in emails as a joke. The place in the photo is Deir El Salib hospital, an asylum for emotionally and mentally troubled individuals, located in Zalka. On the whiteboard, it is written "Aoun is returning" (to the asylum) as rumors say that Aoun spent two years in it. So people are basically making fun of him.

Counter to this, another photoshopped picture has been spreading, which is the below, a prison room, with a graffiti written on the wall saying that "Geagea is returning" (to prison). As Geagea spent 11 years in jail and was set free in 2005 after the many events including Hariri's assassination in February, and Aoun's return in May.

So yes, this is what us Lebanese spend our time doing. Photoshopping pictures, opposition against pro-gov and pro-gov against opposition.


  1. I hope that all of them "return" safely to France, Jail, KSA, Iran, Israel,...

  2. hahahahahahahaha
    w eymta Lebnen reji3 ya tara, w la weyn?

  3. Ahmad, eh walla, w ysalmoulna.

    Coco, well Lebnen reji3 la wara :P

    M(x9) yep we do! :D