Monday, February 12, 2007

Amal to participate in anniversary of Hariri murder

It's nice to see some sort of nationalism in certain actions and objectivity.

اكد النائب علي حسن خليل ان “حركة “امل” ستشارك في ذكرى الرئيس رفيق الحريري عبر تنظيم مهرجان لها في الجنوب”. وقال: “ان هذه الذكرى لا تخص فئة من اللبنانيين، ومن الخطأ ان يحصر شخص الرئيس الحريري. وشدد في حديث اذاعي امس على “وجود قرار واضح للمعارضة، بتسهيل الامور الى اقصى الحدود لتمر هذه الذكرى بالطريقة المناسبة”.

Rough Translation: Parliament member Ali Hassan Khalil assured that "Amal movement will participate in the 2 year anniversary of PM Rafic Hariri's murder by organizing a festival in South Lebanon", he added: "this aniversary does not belong to one part of the Lebanese, but all, as it is wrong to limit Hariri for on section. He insisted in a speech on the radio that "there is an obvious decision for the opposition to facilitate issues in order for this memorial to pass by with the least problems".

Continue reading article here. Source: Al Balad

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