Friday, February 16, 2007

Ain Alak `martyrs`?!?!?

The persons who died last Tuesday were considered as martyrs. Now please do not misunderstand me, I think highly of every human being's soul, and I wish the souls of these innocent people to rest in peace. I offer my condolences to their parents and wish them strength and patience in these horrible times.

I just want to ask, martyrs? Martyrs of what? Is this what we do now? We call everyone who dies in an explosion, assassination, a fist fight and stone throwing a martyr?

For the sake of the argument, we'll call them martyr, nevertheless a martyr of what?

Is this what the politicians do these days? Call innocent VICTIMS martyrs?

"Inno 3am bi rab7ouwoun jmileh la 3iyaloun la ysaktouwoun?"

To the politicians: Cut your ..., cut your childish "He started it", and "You did it too", etc... Instead of calling people martyrs, people who died in consequence for your irresponsible actions, ridiculous speeches and talking backs, just be MEN for once and take responsibility for your actions, and stop whatever you're doing because we can see now that they're not working.

The people who died, the young mother and the student... These people had lives, had dreams, had families, had responsibilities, had A LIFE TO LIVE! And because of you they lost it!

Don't sit there and call them martyrs, do something about it!


  1. Walla ma3ik 7a22! Sarit kelmit Martyr metel rafe3 3atab aw terbi7 jmileh... bass kessekhtoun en kanno biyefhamo hal politicians elli 3enna.. excuse my French! Atalo el atil w meshyo bi jnezto...

  2. I was just discussing that with someone!!!
    I asked the same thing... martyrs of what?

  3. Atalo el atil w meshyo bi jnezto...
    Hayda houwe el matal!

    Rampurple shefte? Inno we hear about people who die from terrorist acts abroad, they don't call them martyrs, inno martyrs of what? of terrorism? they're "victims", unfortunate unlucky victims...

  4. I think one has to look at a National scale to understand this concept of "martyr". Of course the country is divided and there is a part who will see them as "martyr" since they are part of the innocent people who died for the cause of freeing the country. And other parties who do not see this will not see it this way, just dead people...
    Another point to look at is Religion. Religion considers its faithful who die in an innocent way as "martyrs". Again we have to consider here the not small part of people who are not into Religion and/or are not religious literate, for them the concept of "martyr" surely does not apply in this case.
    It is good to discuss such subjects, for it allows for each a better understanding, and the use of Reason. But I don't find an explanation for insults being used in one's opinion.
    If many find this justified then it is no more bogging, it is more likely close to Tyranny!

  5. Iza heyk ya mmmmmmmmm, we're all martyrs, and more you, the ones living in Lebanon, than us the Lebanese in exile.

  6. To anonymous:

    I see, well I never knew that religiously innocent people who are murdered are called martyrs.

    I understand what you mean, but I am still convinced that our politicians are kind-of over using it, and do not really know the background of the word.

    Having said that, my point was that instead of them calling people martyrs, I suggest they put more security forces on the streets, lessen from being goofballs, to better find a solution soon, at least sit together and try instead of playing the diss-me-i-diss-you game on national media!

    Anyway, thank you for the information you provided!