Thursday, January 11, 2007

Zou3ama fallo min libnan are my thoughts

I find myself listening to this song over and over again, not because the music is very catchy (which it is), but because of the lyrics, how we simple they are yet how expressive. I dream that our "zou3ama" leave us alone, and our world will become a heaven in deed!

If you share my feelings and you're at work frustrated, then click here to listen to it, courtesy of Rampurple.


  1. and where do the zu3ama come from :), men wen ejo, certainly not mars, we're not importing them,

    they're from us, lets take responsibility

    hi btw :)

  2. They're from us, but I cannot take responsibility for every human being out there! and they're not taking responsibility for us either! and it is their job, we are paying our taxes, we are doing our part, let them do their part!

    Hi :) long time ;)