Friday, January 26, 2007

Wel3aneh... bhannikoun ya 7adarat al zou3ama

First of all, I would like to congratulate all journalists who report in Lebanon, I think over the past decades they have been the most to report from a recurring dangerous zone than any other journalist in the world.

Second of all, congratulations to our politicians who have been attacking each other for the past years, until finally the people - their supporters - are no longer listening to them. It is easy to get people to the street, but difficult to get them out of it.

Third, congratulations to the media who has been despicably distorting the truth, moreover loyal viewers of their channels have thought a war has been already happening for the past year, inticing them to hate the others.

And finally, congratulations to our ennemies, who we once stood against believing that they will never be able to fire up a war amongst the Lebanese, alas they are starting to succeed.

However, if and only if the politicians call for an urgent meeting where cessation of war of words on TV and agreeing on finding a mid-solution by compromising a bit, then there will not be a war in Lebanon.

It is not too late to have control over things yet!


  1. Compromising to avoid a civil war.
    Coming to an agreement so we can together build a "country" or a "state" before we take sides and create opposite political parties.
    Putting ground rules, a constitution that works, policies and rights for citizens of all shapes, forms, affliations...
    Too much to ask for el hay2a, or maybe I don't know what it takes to build a country....

    Eh, mazel el 3alam biyesta2belna lashou ta n3ammir balad khass fina? Khalli heyk boura w 7a2el tajerib w ma3erik w mazbaleh siyesiyyeh lal tyouss elli 3enna.

  2. I agree 100%. I am not sure "it is not too late", though. I think that the main players have no intention of stopping sporadic armed conflicts from happening. And yes, 2007 will be known as the beginning year of the new civil war. One that might end when Israel has its targets fulfilled (Hezbollah's power shut (or shot) down and Palestinian refugees officially implanted).

    In the mean time, enjoy your TV series.

  3. Enjoy my TV series :| from what i am seeing, things are not getting better