Monday, January 22, 2007

Wall, here we come!

Even if today was still under control for all Lebanese, one topic is on every person's mind and leading all groups discussions, which is: "What will the opposition do tomorrow?"

There are only two things the opposition can do:
1- Peaceful protest
2- Violent protest

In case it's peaceful, with the Lebanese army keeping everything smooth and open roads to all citizens who want to continue living a regular day by going to their jobs, schools and universities... But of course, will not really have a useful result.

And in case it's violent, the Lebanese army as well will try to keep things under control and keep the protesters under the law. However if the army fails to do so, and this only can happen if they are in opposition with civilians who are armed (and dangerous).

If by any unfortunate chance the opposition may get armed, harrass people, throw oil on the roads (which can cause accidents), burn wheels, vandalize properties etc... then things will get nasty and illegal.

The latter idea is perhaps an exaggeration. Perhaps the opposition are bluffing, and it's April Fools. However this is what is on our minds, this is the fear that has been inflicted on us, and may I say, the opposition has succeeded to make an impact. The opposition, especially Aoun will say: "We warned civilians to stay home, but they went out and got hurt."

Wait a second, didn't Israel do the same thing during the war? Warn people, kill people, then say "we warned them". And our reply was that their excuse is invalid?

In addition, why would anyone who is not the government (liked or not) tell us to stay home? We have the right to go to work, or go walking, or do anything (legal) and no one has the right to forbid us unless there is a curfew by the government.

I am sitting here in my house, in my bedroom, on my desk thinking: "Do we need any more reasons to threaten the weak peace we have? Do we need more intimidation from fellow citizens? Do we need more trouble-making?"

We have work tomorrow, just another regular working day. I will be going, if not by car, then walking.


  1. I'm going to my university, and I'm INSISTING on living! No one can tells me what I can do and what I can't. We paid A LOT for our freedom, and we're NEVER giving it up!