Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Update: Roads Status

The Lebanese Army has been working on opening the highway in Nahr El Mot, in both direction to and from Beirut, while until this hour they still aren't letting cars passing, not before they make sure it is safe. The Lebanese Army received orders for this job around 2pm.

More roads in Keserwan have been opened. While in Jbeil, proud protestors took pictures of themselves throwing a tire into the already burning tires.

The Lebanese opposition still insists that today's strike was only peaceful and civil, and not only till the Pro-Government supporters and the Lebanese Forces have come problems started.

Until this hour, no word from Nasrallah about the situation and today's events.

In Batroun, clashes occured between Lebanese Forces supporters and Marada supporters, while one of the latter shot another Lebanese Forces supporter who is seriously injured. Until now, the Army was able to break the two groups, however the road is still closed.

Until now, more than 15 persons got injured in today's clashes, from both groups.

The Airport is still blocked, no aerial movement, few people were able to get out of the airport walking, those who arrived to Lebanon today are stuck inside, few airport workers were able to arrive to the airport, and until now, the road to the airport is still closed.

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