Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Update from Sawt Al Ghad Radio Station

Right now, I am litening to the radio "Sawt Al Ghad", that some assaults have occured in Keserwan while the General Forces did not interfere, and the victims have been taken to Notre Dame of Lebanon hospital. As for Batroun, Shekka and Tripoli, the highway from Batroun to Shekka is closed on both ends (only road), some inside roads in Tripoli have been closed too.

Sleiman Franjieh thinks it's a normal day, and that this step was not what they have wished for, but it needed to be done, and more escalation will occur. He also pointed that the Lebanese Army should provide protection, and only protection from the "naughty" Lebanese Forces political party.

Franjieh continued, that if the government doesn't comply, the protest today will continue to more days.

In Matn, Public Schools and Universities have closed their doors, after some students have shown up, in order to protect their students. Some faculties such as The Sciences and Literature, their student bodies have declared support to the opposition and close the doors.

Zalka is basically closed, roads from Jounieh is closed as protesters have blocked the main entrance to the capital which is Nahr El Kalb.

Near the Lebanese National Museum, apparently many opposition supporters have answered their leaders call and went down to protest in that area.

Between Zgharta and Tripoli, the roads have been blocked due to burning wheels.

In Jbeil, the General Forces have tried to bring down from the protestors enthousiam, however it is not affecting the protestors.

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