Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So what happened yesterday?

Main Headlines:

1- Opposition's General Strike begins at 3am (Reason: To topple Saniora's government)
2- Burning tires, blocking roads and causing traffic
3- Smoke rising all over Lebanese converting the blue sky to grey
4- Lebanese Forces and Pro-Government supporters decided to go down and open the roads
5- Gun-fire, fistfights and stone-throwing
6- Lebanese Army and Special Forces only got orders till 2pm to open the roads and deal with the rioters
7- Roads to the airport claused, locking arrivers in and travellers out, leading to cancellation of flights, no army was present at that location
8- 5 dead and more than 100 wounded
9- Opposition leaders during the day called the strike "Civil and peaceful"
10- Around 10pm, Opposition halt the strike


1- Democratic right
2- Democratic right NOT. "My freedom ends when the freedom of others begin"
3- Thank you for the pollution
4- Their right
5- Not Civil. P.s. Palestinians throw stones at their occupier (Israel), Lebanese threw stones at each other and at their Army!
6- Why this late?
7- Why weren't the army present there? And once again, thank you for sending this beautiful image to international community
8- Peaceful?
9- What?
10- Three explanations for this.

First Explanation: As the strike has turned violent and into what appears as overthrowing, the opposition decided willingly to halt the strike preventing more problems and clashes in Lebanon.

Second Explanation: A meeting for an agreement has been set between the government and the opposition

Third Explanation: Again, Lebanese issues discussed by foreigners who have either found a solution themselves, or at least decided to stop things before getting worse, thus order coming from outside to the opposition in order to stop the strike.


  1. Seeing how patriotic our leaders are and how they don't have a personal agenda at all, I say the third explanation is more than likely to have been it.
    Yeah, that much I have faith in all of them.

  2. Most probably, I like though how they pretend its their "own" decision! ya3tiyoun el 3afieh