Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Saddam execution video draws criticism

By ANITA CHANG, Associated Press Writer

Grainy cell phone video of Saddam Hussein's execution triggered international criticism Tuesday, with Britain's deputy prime minister calling the leaked images "unacceptable" and the Vatican decrying the footage as a "spectacle" violating human rights.


The unofficial video showed a scene that stopped just short of pandemonium, during which one person is heard shouting "To hell!" at the deposed president and Saddam is heard exchanging insults with his executioners. The inflammatory footage also showed Saddam plummeting through the gallows trapdoor and dangling in death.

The grainy video appeared on the Internet and Al-Jazeera television late Saturday. On Tuesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered an investigation into the execution to try to uncover who taunted the former dictator, and who leaked the cell phone footage.

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I was surprised to see LBC also showing the whole movie (AL Jazeera already did so) of Saddam's execution that was captured on a cellphone. I had previously seen it on the internet (willingly), but still it was kind of shocking to show a man dying on TV, I remember the persons beside me were startled, and not ready to see such thing. I think there is no more respect to anything in the media anymore, even if he is a bad person and an enemy, they still lose respect when they (and we) don't mind seeing and showing such footage on TV. What if a child was watching it? It was only 8:30pm! I don't recall them even giving a warning.

This is no longer good journalism, this is plain greed for money.

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