Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Recovery, Reconstruction and Reform

To read more about the document that will be presented in the "International Conference for Support to Lebanon" which will be held in Paris III on January 25, 2006, you can click here for the English version of the document, or here for the Arabic version of the document.

For more info concerning the Ministry of Finance, you can visit their website.


  1. The paper needs to be edited and upgraded. Certainly some reforms are good, but essentially we are not addressing the root of the problem. The politicians presenting it may think that this is the way to plug the "dayn". I think otherwise. When you have a bag full of holes, and you are trying to fill it with water (borrowing), it will be useless (paris 1, 2).

    Plug the Holes, Address the Corruption, in the System, Structurally, spread the culture of accountibility, lead by example :)

    and certainly go for CONSENSUS otherwise PARIS 3 Ekleen khara fee. No reforms can be made without consensus, at least with the mainstream blocks in lebanon. Learn from past mistakes.


    and p.S: taxing the people at VAT 18% in lebanon really isn't fair, their disposable income m3atreen the majority, canada its 14% in Ontario and thats highest

    pathetic, PLUG the HOLES first, m3attar hal sha3b

  2. Yeah you are right, they are definitely not fixing the root problem. I don't know much about this plan, also the idea that the VAT will increase till 16% (you said 18%, not sure which one), anyway, it is scary. But I also heard that minimum wage will be increased as well, and all wages and transportation allowance... But I guess this means everything will get more expensive, not sure how anything will be solved

  3. how bout you read it Liliane :)

    you dont want someone to be bargaining with your future on a paper that remains ??? material, its 16% in 2008 and afterwards 18% :D

    im tired of "ish7ading" are you not? lets fix our own problems, instead of begging for someone else to fix them and we end up making it worse and depending more on the outside :)

  4. *coughs* I've been meaning to read, I actually started, but not wanting to someone giving lame excuses, I was very occupied at work and today was all sick :(

    Anyway, even though they will increase the tax (and I am not defending here, I am only discussing), I also heard they will increase the wages and transportation allowance. Not sure I favor the idea, but just pondering.

    Plus, if I am against this reform plan, 1- What can I do?
    2- If I stand against it, won't I be labelled as March 8?

    Seriously, battal fi objectivity in this country, I am afraid to express my opinion because I will appear as someone who is against both and with both at the same time, we are condemned with choosing a side and this is outrageous, I want neither sides!

  5. "I want neither sides!"

    welcome to the lebanese center :D, its called the picky annoying citizen whose always criticizing, whose always in the opposition, whose always picking and choosing, who dislikes incumbents, who is never tagged because can't be tagged (he picks and chooses :p)

    i.e: you have no color, or do you, lol, i dunno, who cares :)