Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pressure mounts on Olmert to resign

After Israeli Lieutenant General Dan Halutz Halutz's resignation, public and political pressure continues to mount on PM Ehud Olmert.

When asked whether Olmert, his ratings approaching single digits and facing a criminal corruption probe, would follow Lieutenant General Dan Halutz's example and quit, a senior aide told AFP Thursday: "No, he has no such intention." Source: AFP

Reaction in Lebanon was a sky lit up with fireworks, as Hezbollah celebrated the resignation of Halutz "after allegations of mismanaging the summer war between Israel and the Shiite group" (Source: Naharnet).

A little bit too late taking responsibility of the allegations of the failure in war between Israel and Hezbollah last July, however in the right timing to lift Hezbollah's moral.

This act looked at in a certain ways, and written with selective words would implicate that Hezbollah had succeeded in the last war.

However, if the failure that Halutz took responsibility for was not being able to stop Hezbollah Rockets from landing in Israel, than Hezbollah has failed too, as they did not stop rockets, soldiers, merkavas, aeral and naval equipments from entering and landing in Lebanon.


  1. The diffrent is that I.D.F take responsibility on his acts because it is protect on the people, and public is the army, and hezbolla isn't representing lebanon, it is not have something to the public is independent body that can do what it want.
    this is why they "won" last war, they didn't care from the Lebanese who died, they didn't published thier casualties, and no one ask them...they only told about their success and ignore from the losts.

  2. no stupid anonymous, not hezbollah won, but the whole Lebanese did through the civilian resistence to resist zionist racist Israelis. And it was not Hezbollah bombing the Lebanese, but the IDF themselves, and may I add, that the IDF were using banned weaponry (phosphoric)..

    Hasta La Victoria Siempre

  3. You are stupid .I don't talk to you, I red your blog and you seem to me very racist man, so I don't going to argue with you...

  4. Could we refrain from saying words such as stupid (and similar).

    MFL, we were dillusioned with the fact that all the Lebanese won, in one way or another, resisting IDF for so long is an important thing, but still this is not really a victory the Lebanese had, we're not even being able to pick up the pieces now, and not in 10 years. Hezbollah won, not Lebanon.

    Anonymous, Hezbollah does care for the casualties, but in their religion and belief, dying for such a cause is worth dying, proof to that most southern people (muslim shiite) even admitted that they wouldn't mind dying in that war.

    Unfortunately, these innocent people are the ones who lost the most.

  5. I forgot to say please at the end of the first line :)

  6. sweetest liliane

    the problem is that the Israelis were not only bombing hezbollah, they bombed everywhere in Lebanon, hospitals, ports,...

    Hezbollah were involved militantly, but supporting 1 million refugee (1/4 of the population) under US patronage was an achievement for the civilian resistance. The cost is high, but the IDF just wanted to bomb Lebanon, none of their goals were achieved :)

    cheerios, btw, I have a hangover


  7. Yeah well when you put it this way, I agree. Israel Forces went too far.

    And salemtak, getting away from the screen might help!

  8. Liliane, the problem is that hezbolla build a state between state, build hospitals and stuff to those poor people and than went to war, and they have to cheer them, even if the hezbolla shoot from their towns on israeli cevilians. and no one can say them anything. GOD, people look on the whole picture...israel attack but think why it attack...what is it interest to attack, why 90% of the public support in such attack and even more.
    and say they are racist that hate us and want us to die it is very stupid.