Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Photos & Updates of today`s Escalation and Smog

Dear Reader,

This album of today's photos will keep being updated as soon as I see anything new.


p.s. Newest photos taken in the Horizon of Dekwaneh, I am pretty sure near Dallas Gas Station.

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This one is in the Industrial City in Sid El Bouchrieh (or in the area)

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And the rounded building is The Lebanese University, Faculty of Sciences II.
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Edited: To view pictures from inside the protests and tire burning, click here.


  • - 10:00am People who are travelling today, are going walking to the airport according to Al-Arabiyyah

  • - 10:20am Most Schools and Universities have closed their doors today

  • - ~10:30am Military Police is now on the ground, as re-enforcements to the Lebanese Army

  • - ~10:30The army has opened the road going to Beirut, but not the one going from Beirut, and people are stuck in their cars immobile.

  • - 11:03am In Al Koura, Miryata and Zgharta, some gun fire occured against some protestors of Al Marada and FPM (after some provocations) resulting some injured persons who have been moved to a near hospital

  • - 11:05am Some arab airlines have reschedule flights going from and to Lebanon, to another day because of the General Strike called upon by the Opposition

  • - 11:08am Franjieh described today's protests civilized (isn't he watching the TV?)

  • - 11:50am One casualty so far

  • - 11:50am Armed Lebanese Forces and Phalange supporters went to the gathering in Nahr el Mot near Jdeideh, resulting with 1 injured from the opposition

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