Monday, January 22, 2007

Opposition`s first played card

I found this paper on the car front window tonight. Nothing surprising there, but I really wanted to point out the importance of one sentence mentioned in it. As lately I have been really intrigued with the "propaganda maquinista" and how it works. The rough translation of the expression is: "The Lebanese opposition calls the citizens to stay home and avoid transportation unless crucial" and of course this to be done on Tuesday January 23rd, 2007!

Let the games begin.

P.S. Doesn't this type of behaviour remind us of something Israel used to do during the wartime when they threw flyers from the sky to warn towns from being in a certain place?


  1. the reactionary camps are seriously beginning to appear as singing duets :)

    PS: nice picture, next time, I want to take a picture, I know where to go now :)

  2. liliane,
    I used your pic on my blog next to the picture I took to the Israeli paper thrown on us during the last war.
    Check it out, and see how similar they are!!!