Monday, January 15, 2007

Opposition protesting for truth, action or reaction?

Article about the opposition's protest near the Justice Palace on Saturday January 13, 2007 in Arabic on

2 days late to talk about this event, nevertheless still valid. The opposition's act can be explained in two manners.

As they haven't heard the end of it concerning the fact that only March 14 are asking for the truth of who did all those assassinations for the past 2 years and that March 8 (July 12?) aren't asking for this truth which means they either don't care or they did it.

Therefore they have decided to act. They could've not protested for the truth on Saturday and kept hearing criticism, or they could've protested (as they did), and heard other kind of criticism.

The first idea that comes to mind is, why this late?
The second idea, better late than never.

I personally am torn between the two ideas, is that a cheap shot? or is it really genuine?

Their act can also be understood in another way. As their sit-in for the past month and more has not resulted in anything yet, and even their "escalations" haven't led anywhere, and even with their promise to escalate even more, it can only be ruled out as another failed attempt.

So why did they protest last saturday?
- Is it because they want to say that they also want the best for Lebanon (this way they can win the "torn" audiance that haven't decided who to rule for by showing them that they are moderate)
- Or by playing their cards right (this way they won't be accused and pointed at as a team that haven't done their job right)

This is definitely not a genuine action, it's a reaction.

A final thought, which will be elaborated more about soon, is the fact how the government is winning by ignoring the opposition, and the opposition are trying their best to draw attention and look just & caring. I am not sure I agree with how the government is handling the situation, afterall it is bashing out a big portion of the Lebanese and not listening to them, which will back-fire at them in the future.

The opposition resigned from the government in November 2006 thinking it will disable the government, but the government kept going, moreover seizing the opportunity to file for the International tribunal in Hariri's assassination and now Paris III conference.

Things have gotten personal between the two parties, fair demands are being proposed, however as soon as 1 party (i.e. opposition) joins this demand, it gets ruled out by the other party (i.e. the government).

So finally who is the loser? Our fellow Lebanese labor is the only loser!


  1. This is an interesting and a very good post, my friend.

    My 2 cents on the matter is they are using it as another political tool to discredit the government. Remember, 8th of March forces (then the 3ain el Teeni coalition) were kicked out from power because they failed to secure the lives of Rafiq el Harriri and Bassil Fleihan. Hence now that they are in power, and 14th of March has the ministeries of Defense and Interior, they have failed to protect the rest. 8th of March are paying them back the favor probably since the crimes occurred at their reign. So I was expecting such a demonstrations of "wayn sirto" etc etc etc

  2. Well thank you, especially that this is coming from you, my friend!

    I see your point, it does make sense as well. We are doomed with double standards, aren't we.