Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Michel Hayek Expectations

Common mistake is we say predictions while they are expectations. I have noticed that a lot of visitors land on this blog by querying "Michel Hayek", and as I do not want to disappoint anyone, I am writing this post.

For those who live in Lebanon, they will be repeating tonight at 8:30 pm on LBC the episode of which Tony Khalife interviewed Michel Hayek where he stated 50 expectations mostly about Lebanon and the world.

I can summarize it and say that he said everyone will either die or get assassinated or someone will attempt to assasinate them! So please, don't believe everything he said.

Anyway, I will try to write them down and post them here later tonight.

Everyone who is eager to know more about Michel Hayek, they can visit after 3 weeks as it will be launched then, according to Michel Hayek.

Edited: I have found a blog that lists Michel Hayek's 2007 expectations in Arabic and a summary in English.

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  1. Michel Hayek 2009 predictions : :)