Monday, January 01, 2007

Last day of 2006 and first day of 2007

Every year on 31st of December, what do we do? We either go see a musical concert, or go to a restaurant that has a "one-man show", or rent a chalet in the mountains surrounded by snow, play our own beat to dance on and eat, or just go to a friend's place and also eat, watch local TV programs, call but never get on line to actually win anything. As a matter of fact, I stayed up till 4 am on my own waiting for the draw, but, alas, did not win.

In Lebanon that same night starting at 11:55 pm for a whole 15 minutes, people start shooting guns, fireworks, red dots flying in the skies, even plates flying in the air and breaking up on the asphalt. I know I almost broke a car window!

Although Michel Hayek's predictions and Maguy Farah astrology's measures do not promise 2007 to be a good year, I believe it is up to us everyday to make a choice to make things better for us and those around us.

Wish you a good health, for you and those you love, success in your studies/career/business, and happiness!

May 2007 be the year Lebanon has a real peace, far more reasonable politicians, and faith instead of religion.

Cheers to you!



  1. Oh I am so looking for a New Year's eve at home, just lying down on a couch, watching TV.

    Khayra be ghayra Lolo ;)

    Buon Anno 2007 :D I liked your last line :)

  2. Happy New Year Liliane!
    I join my wishes to your 2 last paragraphs.
    I like what you said about the predictions too. Happy New Year, no matter what they say :)

  3. Heheh eh AM, there is always next year ;) And happy new year to you!!

    Merci Coco, to you too! W nshalla tkoun senet kheir 3layna kilna!

  4. Happy New Year to you !

    It is funny how Lebanese are the only people in the world maybe to wish others a happy new year for others and for Lebanon lol ..

    Imagine a french couple :
    Bonne annee pour toi et pour la France :P

    Akh this is sadly funny.

  5. So true! and we always end up having a bad year :P