Friday, January 12, 2007

Internet filtering still exists!

I have only recently learned that there is Internet filtering in China, I have had heard about Internet filtering in some Arab countries (i.e. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia) or Islamic countries (i.e. Iran) though, but still not in depth. A little bit too late till I looked it up, and surprisingly, the filtering remains till today.

It is a serious issue though to see that some people in some countries are being deprived from truth about things. That is propaganda in itself. Every person has the right to know about anything he desires. I understand in some cases, hiding a very dangerous truth from the public in order not to cause panic and chaos, but preventing the people from know about anything, anywhere at any time is just immoral and unethical.

Having said that, technically speaking, after of course making a special "Google" for China, and not with the purpose or concept of the Google for Holland or France or any country, but in the purpose of "hiding" facts and only showing China (communism) appropriate events and history, it is still quite remarkable to see such technologies. Nevertheless, sadly used.

Fortunately, despite the large amount of problems and political craziness Lebanon endures, and even though sometimes certain books were banned from entering Lebanon, such as "The Satanic Verses" and "The Da Vinci Code" (which actually intices people into buying them more, and eventually they were snuck in to the country), we have access to anything we want on the Internet, and I believe this is a bliss.


  1. Ironically, Da Vinci Code was banned (so was the Movie Dogma as well which the Da Vinci Code's idea was applied) while the "Reply to the Da Vinci Code" was allowed in Lebanon

  2. I remember reading in the book itself something about certain movies, but I don't remember them saying anything about Dogma, however there is another movie with the title mentioning the Holy Grail...
    Anyway I think the people who are censoring in Lebanon are not very knowledgeable and kind of limited...

    Dogma's a good movie btw :D so are all of Kevin Smith's movies!

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