Thursday, January 04, 2007

Germans get incentives for having babies

AP Photo: Emily Stueven, born on early Tuesday, Jan 2, 2007, is kissed by her mother Mandy... I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that the German government was giving incentives (financial ones) to German couples in order to have more babies as by a certain study, the population will severly decrease by 2050, thus creating a problem with the work force. Do they think for the far future or what?

Concerning Lebanon's population, even though we're barely 3.5 millions (not counting the Lebanese living abroad who are triple that), the number is fair in proportion with Lebanon's economics and demographics, therefore the population shouldn't be increasing, at least not quickly.
As Lebanon already has more applicants than job opportunities, more people are travelling to the Gulf countries, Africa, Europe and the US, almost everywhere. No accurate information are present at the moment for the reason that this issue relies on more than one factor which I will hopefully write another post about in the near future.

Anyway, the first thing that came to my mind when I heard the news was to go to Germany, become a German (if that's possible), get married and have babies there.

It also made me think about how several European countries have these amazing approaches into solving problems.
France offers additional help to some families who need in-home care. The Swedes give either moms or dads 80 percent of their salary for a total of 480 days in a parental leave.

Britain introduced a so-called "baby bonds" scheme in 2004, giving a $490 voucher to every newborn to start a trust fund, while a new Russian law entitles families to a bonus of $9,600 following the birth of a second child and any subsequent children.

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  1. I hope Hezbollah are not following German news, they would rejoice about that and start protesting for it here :D

  2. Eh walla, Europeans know how to make a person feel like a person. My cousin in Denmark was able to afford a whole year (or maybe two, don't remember anymore) at home - and he owns a farm WITH horses - when his wife gave birth to twin girls.

    In Canada, they have maternity/paternity leave for 52 weeks with 60% of the salary paid from the government. I think they give some ridiculously small amount as child care too but nothing really worth rejoicing about. It's still better than US where maternity leave is much less.

    Enno ba3ed na2sso Lebnen protesting about that too now, bass knowing the kind of "leaders" we have, mesh b3ideh LOL