Monday, January 29, 2007

Geagea, Aoun and Nasrallah

On Friday (January 26), Geagea held his press-release, which even my co-workers dumped their work in order to watch it, where he clearly stated the Jbeil incident and that one of the people who were shot (by an unknown) is a Lebanese Forces supporter, and that Aoun shouldn't think that they were the only victims.

He also mentioned the "Stands" of Hezbollah on Tuesday night (January 23), declaring that the reason why they stopped is not really why they did stop but because Lebanese Forces stood against March 8. Which later at night, Hezbollah office sent a reply to him appearing on the news saying that they did not declare such stands and that he should check his sources better.

And that happened after he had asked for a Media Truce. Ironically though, you cannot ask from the other what you yourself did not do. Nevertheless, wish there would be a Media Truce.

Also on Friday (January 26), Aoun appeared on Al-Manar all calm and relaxed. But again, he always does when the talk-show host is on his side, and he has no press jumping at him with critical questions.

To read about what Aoun spoke about and said that Friday, visit and search for it.

After what happened on Tuesday (January 23) and on Thursday (as a popular reaction and not an opposition plan), Aoun should have calmed things down instead of saying: "We will keep going to the streets, burning tires and blocking roads as excercising our democratic rights"... right!!!!

Unlike Aoun, tonight (Sunday January 28) Nasrallah was not calm or relaxed at all in a public appearence broadcasted on Al-Manar. I truly sensed this guy was much more logical and had better reacted to what happened last week than Aoun did. He was angry and disapointed with what happened on Thursday (January 25) especially. He believes there was a plot in order to lead for a turmoil between the shiite and sunni. He said it is understandable for a problem to occur between students and then their parents and friends joining in, but snipers and gun holders, this is no longer a reaction, but a previously planned set-up to create riots in the country. As martyrs fell, it still was not reason enough to fire an uprising in Lebanon. He urged everyone not to fall for this.

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