Monday, January 29, 2007

Find a middleground, arraftouneh!

First of all, it is only degrading to tell someone to be more resourceful, and you yourself managed to ingore reading a fully available document such as the reform plan.

Below is only directed to the extremist ones and not in general!

Just because you're an FMPer, does not mean you have to completely dismiss the reform plan and if you did do you have an alternative?

Just because Aoun suddenly allied with Hezbollah, you don't have to love shiite. Can you be a bit deeper?

Anyway, don't get so excited, you too LFers, stop thinking Federalism and Con-federation are the answer.

Lebanese are Lebanese, we are one, shiite, christian maronite, christian greek orthodox, catholics, armenians, sunni, druze... Forget about religion and start thinking intellect and education. (This message is not only directed to LFers but to everyone).

The cross, which is your symbol, is the symbol of a man, a son of god (in christianity), a prophet in islam, who carried the sins of all men and asked people to love, forgive and give. So much for applying his words!

I read once in the Kuraan that (please excuse my memory and lousy translation), "No man can think of himself better than another but with faith." Surprisingly, people mistake selfishness and fear of going to hell with faith.

Hezbollah supporters, stop intimidating people! and stop believing what Al-Manar is telling you, Al-Manar is living in war and so much hatred and provocation you would think it is World War II all over again! Oh, and get Iran out of the picture and Syria!

Future movement supporters, I don't know, tell your TV to stop being so biased!

Everyone! Start finding the good about the others, because there is good in all, and being so stubborn is not helping the country.

Here, I said it in the mshabra7 arabic!


  1. inshallah hadan yisma3 ya Liliane, inshallah hadan yisma3

  2. Wish blogging had more of an echo on real life

  3. Nah don't worry I am calm despite this post, and trust me, tickling me won't calm me at all, unless you want to become a martyr, then go ahead and tickle your way to heaven

  4. Martyr is so cliché these days, so, NO tickling... what does one have to do to become a rockstar :D,

  5. lets make a band

    Nassim can be our ACCOUNTANT, LoL