Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 1 of the opposition escalation

5 Deaths.
More than 100 wounded.

Is it worth it?


  1. shit! Mesh enno today's escalations weren't expected, bass I was hoping that we would be more civilised somehow. Enno in 2005, it worked well for us when we were civilised... I still refuse to give up on Lebanon! How I wish the people in power feel the same way.
    Thanks for the updates. I'm not reading/listening to news other that this site.

  2. True, 1 million and a half on 14 March 2005, not one single punch. Look at today? Yesterday I had fears which I thought were silly and blown out of proportion, and apparently I was right.

    Good news is for now, opposition has called to stop the strike.

  3. Oh coco, and it means so much to me, that you only relied on this blog for info. Knowing that, I will work on updating even more.

  4. keep in mind that the other camp also demonstrated by a million also in a peaceful manner.

    Rules of the game between 2005 - 2007 have changed drastically.


    PS: Liliane :)

  5. In 2005 we were ONE or at least this was my understanding. I have friends and family from now both sides who were in it together, against one beast. Now the equation changed drastically, yes Marxistfromlebanon, lel assaf.

    Liliane, akid I trust the news and information you add here :) Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  6. MFL, as Coco said, back in 2005, the 2 groups were a bit different than now, back then FPM and LF (who yesterday clashed) were good together.

    Anyway, I guess when we put Franjieh and Nasrallah and Aoun together this is what we get :P Like Mentos and Light Coke!