Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bi-Polarism, wrong!

If the reader remembers, more than a month ago, I had decided to go on strike against politics. Back then I wasn't talking about politics of life, politics of surviving or politics of the nation you live in, I was talking about the leakage of our politics, the fungus, the mold that our politics have become and resulted into. I needed to get a bit far, and look at things from above, from a different perspective, a non-subjective one, to try and understand what is happening, instead of being sucked into it and drown into a sea of ignorance and hatred.

Until recently, I had finally found where I stand in this chaos, I had chosen to stand outside of it; do my best of course, to help this country in my own simple way.

So yesterday, I watched a bit of news, for me news are somewhat like a tape that keeps getting repeated everyday. Suddently while listening to Samir Geagea, and after I thought he has become a bit wiser after being in jail for 11 years reading philosophy and meditating, he tripped. He told the Lebanese people - and by told I mean gave them 2 choices, cornered them and imposed on them one of two choices - to choose between an independent, free and sovereign Lebanon which are the demands of March 14 or a "Death to America" Lebanon. I was shocked (well not really, we Lebanese expect anyone to say anything) when I heard this.

Samir Geagea made a mistake! If there are two political sides in this country, this does not mean all the Lebanese people have to be divided. And I believe this has gone too far.

Remember the days, during 1st and 2nd grade, while us the children wanted to play a game that was composed into two teams, afterward two leaders (kids of course) would go to an oppposing side, raise their hand and point their palm down, then the rest of us would choose which side to join, by actually putting our index finger perpendicular to the leader's palm, and by this manner we would officialy belong to one team and then let the games begin.

The difference now is that we are not children, although I wish we still have the innocence and hope the child has, we now are mature and have been deceived and certainly betrayed, we now understand that we do not have to choose what the Slave Factory Owners and the Kings impose on us, this is not Dictatorship as last time I checked, this is a democratic country, and I choose neither!


  1. best post I have read in days, fantastic liliane :)


  2. yeh? Not at all :)

    I love it, simply love it... looking forward for more posts... consider me your fan :)