Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Art of War: Armed Conflict

This is an extract of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" which I found to be a bit reflective of the current situation in Lebanon and how things should be handled.

Sun Tzu said:

Everyone uses the arts of war.
You accept orders from the government.
Then you assemble your army.
You organize your men and build camps.
You must avoid disasters from armed conflict.

Seeking armed conflict can be disastrous.
Because of this, a detour can be the shortest path.
Because of this, problems can become opportunities.

Use an indirect route as your highway.
Use the search for advantage to guide you.
When you fall behind, you must catch up.
When you get ahead, you must wait.
You must know the detour that most directly accomplishes your plan.

Undertake armed conflict when you have an advantage.
Seeking armed conflict for its own sake is dangerous.


  1. a priceless and timeless book, Machiavelli also wrote a book called The Art of War as well

  2. I actually have it interpreted in the sense of Building a career. Which is really interesting and helps in some ways.