Sunday, December 10, 2006

A word from me to everyone

I ask everyone in Lebanon, please, have doubt, don't follow blindly. Most of us want a better Lebanon, we should unite, and not be afraid of each other. If you like another leader doesn't mean I should hate you or you should hate me!

What has happened to us. Politics is supposed to be a solution for something and not a reason to fight. Discussing, dialoguing, giving and taking, listening, argumenting. This is what we should do.

A friend told me yesterday that Nasrallah said on last Thursday's speech that one of March 14 had gone to the USA hoping that they request from Israel to make a war on Hezbollah because this is the only way Hezbollah will be gone, and you expect me to just believe it? Give me proof, I will believe it. But since when do you listen and believe Nasrallah? Just because your leader Aoun is now on Hezbollah's side, you side as well. I am not saying it is wrong, but there is something called, reason and logic. Where did it go, do you at least question? do you at least doubt? why do you get pissed if I told you: "You actually believe that one 14 March member has the influence to control the world?" You reply: "Liliane, let's not talk about it, we don't want to fight!"

I don't want to fight either, but at least, show me that you are trying to reach the truth and not just believe blindly.

I do not want a government ruled by one side, i.e. Saad Hariri, but I am not going to go the other way and want Nasrallah to rule it, or Aoun. I want a government where no one rules, and everyone rules.

We elected them, and we have to live with our choices! It is not possible that after elections, I demand a new government. How can this be? The Lebanese people elected them.

Both sides have been messing up, but the way I see it, the government are now in a better position than the opposition, and the opposition should answer the government's requests for a dialogue and not a street thing.

I am optimistic about things, I can see change in both sides, and I think the media should start being more objective. It is time for the propaganda to stop.

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