Monday, December 18, 2006

Welcome To LEBANON - Gharib!!!

I received this by email, I don't know who wrote it, but the person requested that it would be forwarded to others. As I agree with most of what it says, so here you go. Also check the english translation below it.


.....inno no7dar akhbar l LBC bala ma ye7ko 3an l7akim
.....inno nchouf mouzi3 3al mousta2bal bala badge RAFIC l 7ARIRE
.....inno no7dar akhbar l NTV bala zagzaket w tatarouf
.....inno nchouf 3awne mich lebis ORONGE,chouyou3emich lebis a7mar, ouwatgeh ma 3am be2oul alla ouwet, marada ma 3am beseb lal ouwet ...
.....inno tle2e chi3a la ma3 amal wala ma3 7izeballa
.....inno nchouf rjel din jou3anin
.....inno nle2e 7ada meche 3al anoun
.....inno nkib zbele bil barmil
.....inno nle2e cheghel gher bil WASTA
.....ta7atta 7ada yettalla3 fina ma ykoun ma3na siyara w cell
.....inno netjawaz min gheyr din
.....inno ndall ne7ke ma3 ba3ed iza khtalafna bil siyesse
.....inno nle2e bi lebnen MOUWATININ, hammon baladon abel 7ezbon
.....inno l cha3eb y7aseb l mas2ouline w ma ye3teber mas2oul 7ezbou mitil 2alla ma3soum 3an l ghalat...
.....inno nchouf mouzahara lal tayyar aw l 2ouwet aw la hezballa fiya a3lem lebneniyyi...
wil aghrab min haida kello inno bi hal 10452km2 3inna min kill hal COLLECTION

Strange it is!!!

.... to watch the news on LBC without hearing them talk about Samir Geagea
.... to see a FUTURE TV anchor person without them hanging a Rafic Hariri badge on their clothes
.... to watch the news on NTV without hearing any teasing and extremism
.... to see an FPMist (aoun follower) not wearing orange, communist not wearing red, Lebanese forces follower (LFer) not saying God is an LFer, Marada not cursing to LF
.... to find a chiist who is neither with Hezbollah or Amal
.... to see regilious figures poor
.... to find someone following the law
.... to throw garbage in the garbage can
.... to find a job without connections
.... for someone to look at us if we don't have a car and a cellphone
.... to marry someone else from a different ethnicity
.... for us to keep being friends even though we disagree politically
.... to find in Lebanon CITIZENS, who care about their country and not their political party
.... for the people to blame the responsibles and not think of their leader as GOD infallable
.... to see a demonstration for any political party carrying only Lebanese flags
And the strangest of them all, is that in 10452 sqm, we have all the above